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Auto Repair in San Antonio, Texas

All The Mechanical Repairs Youโ€™ll Need

Many of us rely on private transportation to get from Point A to Point B. The reality, however, is that you're going nowhere if you don't keep your vehicle in good repair. You count on your car, so you need an auto repair shop that you can depend on as well. In the San Antonio, Texas, area, that facility is Certified Automotive Repair Service. Since 1982, we've been offering a full range of mechanical repairs for any make or model automobile. We specialize in making accurate repairs promptly, getting you back on the road as quickly as possible. Further, we back our work with a two-year/24,000-mile warranty. As a bonus, we even take care of your smaller engines. You'll find us conveniently located at 108 Nova Mae Dr San Antonio, TX 78216 off the 6400 block of San Pedro. Give us a call at (210) 342-2222 to schedule your next preventive maintenance service appointment or get help with a repair.



When your vehicle needs attention, the last thing you have time to do is travel from shop to shop to get the services and repairs you need. By choosing Certified Automotive Repair Service, you won't have to do that. You'll find everything you need under a single roof. Do you need new tires? We sell and install them, and we also provide after-care maintenance such as rotation and balancing. Does your car have its electrical storm? No worries. Our ASE-certified technicians can take care of power windows and door locks and all electrical diagnoses and repairs.

Are you gearing up for a transmission repair? See us for clutch replacement and transmission service. What's more, we can help both you and your vehicle stay cool. We offer cooling system (radiator) fixes and air conditioning work. From hood to tailpipe, we've got you covered with fuel and emissions systems repairs. These include electronic fuel injection, catalytic converter, and other exhaust system components. Additionally, we're here for your suspension system and wheel alignment needs. And, of course, we do engine repair and/or replacement, tune-ups, and diagnostics should you have a dashboard warning light illuminate.

If You Can Drive It, We Can Fix It

As you can see, we offer a full range of services for any make or model vehicle. However, that's not the whole story. As we mentioned, we protect you by offering a generous warranty. Further, we're affiliated with TechNet, BG, AC Delco, and WorldPac, so you know our work is up to high standards. Your daily driver isn't the only thing that benefits from our expertise. We also repair small engines. That's right. Bring us your lawnmower, motorcycle, or garden tiller. That makes us a true one-stop-shop. If it has an engine and if you can drive it or push it, Certified Automotive Repair Service can fix it.



Certified Auto Repair Service

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