Brake Repair in San Antonio, Texas

Don’t Experience Brake-Down

It doesn't matter how pretty your car is, how much it costs, or how quickly it can accelerate if you can't stop. Without brakes, you can't operate your vehicle safely. Bad brakes put you and those around you in danger. In fact, 22% of crashes caused by mechanical failures are the result of improperly working brakes. You shouldn't take chances, and you don't have to. At Certified Automotive Repair Service, we've been taking care of brakes since 1982. We offer brake inspections, all necessary preventive maintenance services, and excellent repairs with OEM parts. To make sure your transportation is as safe as it can be, schedule an appointment with us by calling (210) 342-2222 or using our online feature. You'll find us nearby at 108 Nova Mae Dr San Antonio, TX 78216 in San Antonio, Texas.