Small Engine Repair in San Antonio, Texas

Your Small Engine Is Not Small To You

It may be called a "small" engine, but it's only little until it impacts you. Think of all the things it powers in your life. It propels the lawnmower to trim your yard, the tractor to plow your garden or move hay on your ranch, and perhaps even the outboard boat motor that's the center of a fun-filled family Sunday afternoon at the lake. Finding a reputable shop that can take care of your small engine repair needs promptly can be difficult. Locating one that can care for both your passenger vehicle and your small engine can be nearly impossible. Fortunately, if you're in the San Antonio, Texas, area, you can count on Certified Automotive Repair Service. In business since 1982, we love serving our neighbors and keeping your life productive and/or fun. You'll find us conveniently located off the 6400 block of San Pedro at 108 Nova Mae Dr San Antonio, TX 78216. Stop by, give us a call at (210) 342-2222, or use our online scheduling tool to make your next appointment for service.